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Talent Acquisition Platform

Why a Talent Acquisition Platform?

Talent Acquisition is much more than just recruitment. It is about making Talent Acquisition a positive experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. Modern organisations need teams that can engage like marketers, source like headhunters and interpret information like data scientists. We help clients to build these engaging journeys across any activity, on any device at any time using our Talent Acquisition Platform.

    Candidate Experience

    The Candidate is King. Organisations face an increasingly competitive landscape when trying to effectively target, attract and engage the best Talent. Lumesse Talent Acquisition helps organisations to get closer to Candidates through beautifully designed career sites, reach out to them via insight-based job distribution and help candidates find the best job using cross-platform semantic search and match.                                                                                                                                                                         

    Build Memorable Candidate Experiences
    Improve the speed and accuracy of Candidate Sourcing
    Drive greater returns from your Recruitment Advertising

    Recruiter Experience

    Give your Recruiters the tools they need to compete and succeed in today's world with a centralised recruiting hub that adapts as they do. Define and manage the recruitment workflow and collaborate with hiring managers and candidates, with support from real-time analytics across multiple devices anywhere, any time.

    Drive Recruiter Productivity
    Build a digital reference strategy

    Hiring Manager Experience

    Make recruiting simple for those who don't do it day to day. Give hiring managers a platform to quickly and easily compare candidates, utilising the insight and hard work of the recruiters. Give them visibility of jobs, status and the ability to act on the go with integrated mobile applications, so they can concentrate on what the organisation pays them for.

    Drive Hiring Manager Adoption

    New Hire Experience

    Turn new hires into high performers - Onboarding is more than just forms. World class Onboarding raises the bar and transforms a new hire process into a talent activation and engagement experience. With our integrated Onboarding technology you can activate new hires to productivity faster – even before their first day. This ensures that your recruiting investments pay off. New hires become highly engaged, high performers. You can create a continuous, positive, engagement experience throughout the employment journey.

    Engage and integrate new hires from before day 1

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    Global Recruiting Solutions for Engaging, Recruiting & Onboarding Talent.

    Because Talent Matters.