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The Challenge

COWI is a leading international consulting company that provides state-of-the-art services within the fields of engineering, environmental science and economics. Operating in the highly competitive and complex international consulting market, COWI initiated its Financial Focus change project to improve planning, use of resources and overall profitability.

In every organisational change process, learning is an essential part of ensuring leaders, individuals and teams have the knowledge and mindset to adopt a new way of working. COWI realised that to succeed, a flexible, role-based learning programme was required.

The Solution

'COWI employees need to understand why new systems and processes are important for our business, but they should have flexible training to allow them to learn what to fit each employee.' (Henrik R. Mortensen Programme Manager).

The learning programme was based around seven training paths and touched 2,400 employees through a mix of 50% e-learning and 50% in-person workshops. Whilst the e-learning was designed to minimise delivery costs, make learning more accessible and flexible to fit into employee schedules, the face-to-face training focused on bringing the e-learning to life by helping people apply knowledge and best practices.

Learning Gateway learning management system, included 13 new online modules and 31 workshop sessions to specifically support COWI’s objectives, plus general e-learning modules to develop cost management and project management skills.

A good, well communicated training plan, like this one for employees in Denmark and Qatar, helps everyone understand what they need to do so they can contribute to the company’s goals and their own personal development.

Results: Realising the benefits

COWI estimates that delivering 50% of its training by e-learning doubled effectiveness. Training was delivered more economically, in a more meaningful way for the organisation, and all e-learning guides were available as reference documentation after the training period ended.

'We always want to use investments in training wisely. Learning needs to be as economical as possible and at the same time help people learn in a better way. This project has proven the value of a good learning framework from planning through to measurement. We are very pleased with the results,' concludes Mr Mortensen.

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