Whether you are a dedicated recruiter or an HR manager wearing many hats, it’s safe to say you’ve experienced complexity associated with the recruitment of talent into your organization. These challenges extend from talent sourcing all the way to employee retention, and by no means are limited to the following:

  1. Making the right connections – Within the daunting world of Big Data resides a variety of talent sources and volumes of candidate profiles and CVs/resumes. How does a recruiter find eligible and qualified candidates, and narrow the search to a level of quality where hiring teams can later make unbiased decisions that best serve the organization?
  2. Ensuring the candidate experience – Qualified candidates encounter long applications forms, a lack of flexibility and mobile support, crashing application forms, and other deterrents, while having to deal with your potentially inefficient processes. If you don’t offer a reliable candidate experience you risk scaring them away so their potential ideas and skills go elsewhere.
  3. Reducing the disparate systems you use – None of us, recruiter or office worker, want to have to remember multiple user names and passwords for the often-cited dozen or more systems an average HR or hiring manager has to log into. Why can’t we just use a recruitment system that captures and secures the information in a candidate relationship management system that makes our experience flexible, interactive and easy?
  4. Managing person-to-person hand-offs and other recruitment activities – In cases of multiple recruiters, who does the candidate screening, who checks references and eligibility to work, who schedules an in-person or live web cam hiring team meeting with the candidate? Who decides the best candidate from a short-list and which criteria are used to make the hire? And don’t forget background checks. These decisions need to be determined and tracked to avoid confusion and embarrassing and wasteful duplication. That leads us to our next complication…
  5. Making decisions within a quagmire of opinions – Different members of the hiring team have different opinions on hiring decisions, and HR’s ability to show a complete, unbiased 360 view of each candidate (assessed by former supervisors, colleagues and customers) is a struggle. Without insightful data, your hiring team lacks consensus. Decisions are delayed, and good talent gets away (and once again, the candidate experience suffers, hurting your brand and talent acquisition efforts). Alacrity and attention to your top prospects is crucial from the time you connect with them to the time they sign on and beyond.
  6. Accessing valid recruitment metrics – What’s working, what isn’t? Which job sites and social media networks are delivering the best candidates and engagement with your brand? Which new hires are working out? You don’t want to be blind to these metrics as you try to land the best next class of producers, innovators and leaders.

Innovative Recruitment Software for the Salesforce App Cloud

TalentObjects, a Salesforce.com AppExchange partner since 2015, provides a Recruiting CRM and Hiring Platform built 100% natively on Salesforce’s leading cloud-based, mobile first platform. TalentObjects is currently developing hands-free recruiting through an Alexa-based chat bot, which streamlines the recruitment process through voice commands and automated interactions.

Assuming you already have approval to fill or create a position, TalentObjects enables you to initiate a project: “Alexa, use TalentObjects to create a new project called Solution Architect.” Alexa then asks you if you’d like to add prospects to the project. “Yes,” you say. She asks you which geographic area you’d like to link to the project. You say, “New York.” Alexa then quickly provides the results, naming each candidate. The software makes the jump in logic for us, and we get what we’re looking for without having to constantly guess on the key words, terms, titles, skills. “Would you like to email the prospects?” “Yes.” She then says, “Done,” to confirm.

Disabled persons unable to, or who struggle to, type can also benefit from the hands-free computing and near-omnipresent AI interface.

You can use TalentObjects to find skills. “Alexa, find a candidate with the skill of Python [a programming language].” The recruiter specifies the area and so on, and a short-list is provided. You then get intelligent results back and populated into your candidate relationship management system (CRM) so you can evaluate active and passive candidates in single view, something the majority of today’s ATSs can’t offer.

Last, hands-free and other automated recruitment process features drive action both inside and outside your organization, all via voice command that triggers response from candidates or members of the hiring team. You can then go to the Chatter homepage and view the actions that have been requested.

Even more exciting is Salesforce’s recent AI technology acquisition spree, and the just announced strategic partnership between IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein throws the doors wide open on future possibilities for AppExchange partners like TalentObjects.

Discover how the TalentObjects hands-free recruiting on the secure Salesforce App Cloud provides a single platform to simplify your recruitment efforts, support anywhere, anytime mobile recruitment, collaboration and more. Schedule a personalized TalentObjects demo today, and download the recent TalentObjects and Lumesse whitepaper on innovation in recruiting, talent management and learning.

You can also read about some of the work we are doing with customers in Talent Tech Labs’ Trends Report vol. 7: Real AI – Sourcing, Engagement, & Selection.