Even as the number of active candidates grows, looking to the same talent pool each time a position opens up can begin to feel fruitless. Whether it’s become stagnant or you’re just not finding what you’re looking for in your current network, it may be time to work on expanding your talent pool. Doing so can help you create a better candidate pipeline, cut down on time to hire, help you reach the best candidates and make better hires overall.


To expand your talent pool this year, try these four tactics and get ready to take hiring to a new level in 2016:


Use mobile technology

One of the best ways to make an impact on hiring in our day and age is to have technology on your side. And since candidates live in a mobile world, recruiters must do the same. Using mobile technology allows you to expand your talent network because you’re able to connect with candidates in a convenient, timely way. For instance, you can loop them into your talent network and from there, real connections can be made to integrate them into your talent pool. Mobile means you’re in their pocket, available on their terms and easy to access.


Use your employee ambassadors to reach new candidates

We may live in a digital age, but people still trust people more than they trust companies, which is why your employee ambassadors will always be powerful tools in recruiting. However, living in the digital age means that good old-fashioned word of mouth isn’t the extent of their power. Now, you and your employee ambassadors can use a talent network, social media and career websites as well. To mobilize this force, don’t be afraid to express what you need from them and why. Make it easy for them to share your posts and let them know why they should. They care about the organization’s success as much as you do, which motivates them to further your cause.


Pursue passive candidates

Passive candidates are the key to recruiting in 2016 because they’re the best way to expand your talent pool. This group of potential employees may not be actively seeking employment but they’re no longer the workers that you think will be with their company for 20 years and won’t leave no matter how good the offer. The term “loyalty” means different things to today’s workforce, making passive candidates the new active candidates.


Recruit outside the box

We hear all the time that you can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results, and this is just as true in recruiting as it is in life. To reach new candidates and expand your talent pool, you may have to try things you’ve never dared to before. This could mean revamping your recruiting materials and website, integrating a talent network to connect with candidates or sourcing in new places. Let this new year guide you to new places in your recruiting efforts and you’ll likely see your talent pool grow as well.


These are just a handful of ways to expand your talent pool this year, but there are many more tactics you could be using to make a real impact on recruiting and hiring. Take a look at the new Talent Objects passive candidate recruiting e-book to see what it takes to reach this untapped group.