Using technology to attract passive candidates



Passive candidates are the key to unlocking a new talent pool in 2016, but reaching them is easier said than done. We know by now that these candidates tend to be open to new opportunities even if they aren’t actively seeking a new position, but before you can ever reach the point of interest, you’ve got to simply reach them. Of course, passive candidates aren’t hiding under rocks. They’re out in the world and online just like active candidates, but there are some notable differences in the way they move in these spaces, their interest and expectations, and how they react to being approached by a sourcer or recruiter.


The social advantage

The virtual world of social networks makes it possible to reach candidates where they are and on their terms even when your company isn’t on their radar. Unlike their peers actively seeking a new position, passive candidates use social networks primarily to connect with others, not to search for job opportunities or network with the purpose of using those contacts to advance their career. When passive candidates are active on social media, they have a personal purpose for doing so. If they’re on LinkedIn, they’re likely looking to grow professionally, those on Twitter are often interested in being in the know about relevant news, and Facebook users tend to be interested in soft news and personal stories. This means that reaching out to passive candidates on social is not only an option but a great opportunity. Social truly has changed the game for passive recruiting.


The power of mobile technology

When candidates aren’t the ones pursuing you, you’ve got to make it as easy and convenient to connect with you as possible. While someone who is actively seeking employment with your company may be willing to go out of their way to make contact with you, a passive candidate won’t. You have to come to them and be available when they’re ready. For this reason, mobile technology is key to building relationships and making connections with passive candidates. From the ability to instantly get back in touch with them after they’ve replied to your message to answering their questions right when they need it, mobile is essential. That may mean offering a mobile-friendly talent network, a responsive career site they can access from their smart phone or even just being available on social or through email right when a candidate is ready to talk.


A talent network that keeps them connected

It’s a win to grab the interest of a passive candidate, but there’s still work to be done before the deal is closed. After the initial contact it’s all about building a connection with candidates, which means maintaining contact and creating some kind of tie between your organization and them. The best way to do this is through a talent network that allows them to seek answers, ease uncertainty and get to know others in the company. By offering all these things in one place you give candidates a reason to keep coming back and foster a familiarity that is essential when it comes time to make a career move. Offering a network like this with mobile capabilities so it can be accessed anywhere at any time is a major bonus.


Passive candidate recruiting offers a great opportunity for companies and recruiters this year, and Talent Objects has all the information you need to make it happen. Download our new passive recruiting e-book to take your company’s passive candidate recruiting to the next level.