We’ve come to a point in the recruiting industry where technology isn’t just a nice thing to have. It’s absolutely essential to the countless daily operations a recruiting team does. However, it can be tricky to outline the what, when, where and how of technology in recruiting. Most recruiting teams know they need it, understand the ways it can transform their work and even know a few of the options available, but actually adopting a technology goes much further than that.

Your road map

When it comes to working through the essential questions and arriving at your destination – a time and place when your recruiting team has fully implemented technologies that make a difference – the map can’t exactly be laid out for you. This is because the unique needs of your team and company will shape the path you take. However, there are three questions you should ask that will carry you along the way.

The first is determining where your team is lacking and excelling. Make two columns, and compare them with each option you evaluate. Whatever solutions you adopt should cover the lacking list, and anything it does that falls in the excelling list should just be icing on the cake. Remember that technology is not the end all to be all but instead is an additional partner in your efforts. It’s not a magic fix, but it should do what you’re not able to if you’re going to invest in it.

The second question is how much you’re willing to invest in a new technology in terms of time and money. Do you have time to train recruiters and fully implement right now, and how much of your budget can you allocate? The answers here will help determine how robust or slim your next adoption of technology will be. The best-case scenario is to choose a solution that’s easy to learn and use, and will be a one-stop-shop for the majority of your recruiting needs.

The third category to consider is what options are available, and what best fits your needs based on the answers to the first two questions. Of course there’s no cut and dry, black and white, or right or wrong answer here. It all depends on your team’s needs and resources, which is why a developing a customized technology road map by answering those key questions is the only way to find the best route for you.

Beyond the logistics

There’s an overarching question about the intersection of technology and recruiting that goes beyond how to get there. The question deals with how technology and recruiting interact. HR and recruiting are all about people, so where and how does technology fit into that? There’s a lot to be said for personal experience and gut instincts, and yet few would deny that technology is essential in recruiting. Figuring out how the two fit together is all about playing to your strengths and letting technology make up for the areas in which you aren’t quite as strong. For instance, many recruiters simply don’t have the time to use social to source candidates, but there are tools that can do it for you. Or for those who excel at networking with potential employees but tend to let candidates fall through the cracks, organizational tracking systems can help ensure candidate relationships are fruitful.

When the right technologies are paired with the right people, great things happen. Recruiting will always be about people, but the need for technology continues to grow. Finding a balance between the two is essential for being the best recruiter you can be today and in the future.