Happy Thanksgiving, it’s time to let all our Facebook friends know what we’re grateful for. It’s also a time to reflect on things that may not get the attention and gratitude they deserve, even though they make our lives easier on a daily basis. One of those things is HR. It’s severely underappreciated, despite the fact that companies couldn’t function without it. So this Thanksgiving, we’re saying what most won’t take the time to: we’re thankful for HR! And while your employees may not dedicate one of their Facebook 30 days of gratitude to your HR department, just know that deep down, they’re really thankful for you too.

Here are five reasons you should feel proud be in HR as you chow down on turkey this year.

You make work more enjoyable

Remember that guy who hung his gym towel outside his cubicle to dry? A million thanks for being the one to tell him to move it. And how about the manager that used to be the worst manager is the history of managers? That professional development plan is really working! We know we have HR to thank for smoothing over the bumps that naturally occur when you put strangers together for eight hours a day, and we really appreciate it. You save us a lot of frustration.

You’re our work therapist

Ok this one we’re both sorry about and thankful for. We don’t mean to vent to you, or cry in your office, or come to you every time we have a problem, but sometimes it happens. And when it does, we’re so grateful for your ability to listen and give advice.

You help us be better in our jobs

HR departments that offer professional development opportunities, cross training programs, leadership courses and team building activities are deserving of all our gratitude! The fact that you go out of your way to help us be better at our job, better managers and in general, better people, is an amazing thing. We know it’s a part of your job to do all that, but we genuinely appreciate that you invest in us.

You keep us all on track

You do an amazing job of keeping track of all the paperwork and requirements of employment, and since most of us fail miserably at organization, we’re so incredibly glad that you are. Whether you have 10 people in your workforce or 10,000, we know it’s a lot of work. So thank you for the reminder emails for benefit enrollment and for handling the mountain of paperwork we completed on our first day. This aspect of your job is one of the most tedious, but please know that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Your job is hard and we know it

We know you get called the fun police and get a really bad rap, but we all know that HR is so much more than policies and procedures. There are a lot of really awkward situations you have to deal with and we recognize that it’s no easier for you to handle tough issues than it would be for any of us, so thanks for doing the job even when it’s not fun.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday! And don’t worry; when it’s our turn to say what we’re thankful for at the dinner table, HR will be our answer.