Descriptions of company culture, job openings, employee testimonials – these are all ingredients of the average company career page. The problem is that the majority of career pages are just that: average. The Internet is full of career pages that were created with wonderful intentions and great hopes of the words leaping off the pages and grabbing candidates, but the fact is that most fall short. It’s nothing personal and has very little do with your page. It’s a simple matter of the medium being used.

It’s time to rethink your whole approach and see the career page as one stop in the talent journey, not as THE place to win friends and influence enemies. Let’s leave those tasks for a vibrant talent community.

Creating community

The most obvious advantage a talent community can provide is actually creating a sense of community. By creating one place where candidates, current employee ambassadors, recruiters and hiring managers can gather, you’re fostering a sense of community right off the bat. Each party can interact, engage, ask and answer questions, get to know one another and develop connections, all from their own computers. In comparison, a career page can only inform. Moving from a one-sided approach to a multi-faceted, engaging offering allows you to influence candidates in ways your career page never could. Having the opportunity to engage and create a living community of individuals all focused on one thing – filling open positions at your company – is invaluable.

Peer power

If you dig deeper down into that sense of community you build, what you see are connections and conversations between candidates and current employees. Each of these relationships built in your talent community is an amazing opportunity to share all those things you talk about on your career page first hand. The culture you tout – let your employee ambassadors put it in their own words. The opportunities for growth – let your people share their own experiences as evidence. It’s not just that candidates want to hear stories about what it’s like to work at your company, it’s that they want to hear it from someone they believe they can trust. And according to Edelman Trust Barometer 2015, 70% of us trust the word of someone at our level over a higher-up.

In addition to the words they say holding more weight, your employees can also build connections with candidates that could turn a job acceptance maybe into a yes just because they have an emotional tie to the company, even if it was created online. We all want a friendly face when we start off on a new adventure, and that’s just one of the many things a talent community brings.

Give and take

Aside from the experience you can bring to candidates, there are also advantages for you as the employer. The greatest may be the opportunity to get to know candidates through your talent community just as they are getting to know you. Before they ever step foot in your building for an interview, you could already have a sense of their personality, which plays a huge part in culture fit. Even if you don’t personally interact with them in your talent community, you can get to know them initially just through their profile, where you have the chance to ask anything, from what their favorite hobbies are to quirky questions that fit your company’s interview style.

A talent community is a next-level approach for companies who don’t just want to hire, but want to bring in the best and brightest by creating a complete, encompassing talent journey. Find out more about what it takes to create talent journey by downloading the TalentObjects 4 Pillars of an engaging Talent Journey e-book.