The moment a candidate makes the decision to join an organization is seen by many as the end of a courtship, but in reality, it’s just the beginning of a journey – one that is hopefully long and fruitful. This journey extends from the moment when they become a potential candidate to long after they’ve left the company. And when you look at the relationship in those terms, it completely changes how you see things. The talent journey can essentially be divided into four different areas, with each one offering a new opportunity for you as an employer to leave a mark.

The Law of Attraction

Just like the journey of a any relationship, it all starts with the initial attraction. In the talent world, that means engaging potential candidates with content that’s compelling and enticing. To make the most impact, the content should not only attract candidates to you initially, therefore drawing traffic to your talent network or careers page, but also should set the stage for the relationship between employer and future employee through tone, message and branding. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression, and this pre-candidate phase is your chance.

The Candidate Experience

Beyond the chance to make a first impression, the candidate experience is your opportunity to make the biggest splash. Creating a positive candidate experience greatly impacts a future employee’s likelihood of saying yes to an employment offer and conversely, helps soften the blow of a decision to pass on a candidate. Respect and kindness go a long way, and this time period also offers potential for positively impacting your employer brand reputation as candidates will very likely pass along stories of their experience with you whether they get the job or not. The excitement you create in this phase will also impact how engaged employees are in the beginning of their employment and will shape their view of you as an employer.

Full-Fledged Employee

After a candidate has accepted an offer, it’s easy to step back and neglect the talent journey. However, companies that don’t consider the entire talent journey – not just recruitment and hiring – are doing themselves a disservice. Your workforce is your greatest employer branding asset, so consider investing in this phase of the talent journey with professional development, mentorship, advancement opportunities, engagement efforts and more.

Your Company’s Alumni Association

If you thought colleges were the only ones with alumni associations, think again. Many organizations go to great lengths to keep in contact with their former employees, and it pays off in the form of employee referrals, improved employer brand reputation over time and even alumni returning to their former stomping grounds. You put an enormous amount of resources into recruiting the best people, so whether they leave the organization at some point or not, there’s no doubt that you want them on your side.

By thinking of the talent journey in these phases, you position your organization in the best way possible and can leave a positive impression no matter where a person’s talent journey with you ends. The best way to make all this happen is through cloud-based mobile applications that reimagine the process of talent acquisition and bring all four phases of the talent journey together into a cohesive strategy. To find out more about the talent journey, download the TalentObjects 4 Pillars of an engaging Talent Journey e-book.