You may be excused for mistaking San Francisco with the Californian Desert over the past week. Coachella can merely dream of playing host to a legendary line up including, The Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder and The Killers. Whether you’re still dizzy with Dreamforcemania or finally returning from the Darkness of regret of not attending, everyone is in agreement, Dreamforce 2015 was not to be missed. The Super Bowl of software represented 91 countries, 170,000 brand ambassadors, 5,000 gallons of coffee consumed and 1 cruise ship, and no, that’s not a typo. It featured some of the brightest, most enthusiastic people on the planet (not solely TalentObjects) oh and some networking along the way. Stephan Schmitt, CMO at Lumesse confirms “San Francisco was completely taken over by Dreamforce”, this festival of tech put all other events and conferences to shame, while Schmitt was refreshed by the dynamic high energy attendees he encountered.

Judging from the amount of partnership announcements Salesforce alone makes during the event, a lot of deals get done (or at least announced). Throw in the mountains of connections made and more than a few company futures are about to get much brighter.  We were no exception as Stephan Schmitt, CMO at Lumesse points out “People were really buying into the talent management solution offered by Talent Objects” TalentObjects’ Product Marketing Manager Marc Mapes observed that companies are getting very serious about running their businesses from a single secure platform. The days of multiple point solutions and their unique logins, various interfaces and security risks are quickly fading. Great news for TalentObjects!

Our suitcases were dramatically lighter on the journey back to reality. The sunglasses and selfie sticks flew out; even our literature vanished amongst all the wonderful booth visitors. Schmitt described the interest and traffic like none other he had experienced ever before. Not a minute went by during Dreamforce where the TalentObjects team weren’t busy meeting and interacting with booth visitors. The Moscone escalators were severely overworked. You rarely saw an escalator with fewer than 20 people going up or down. Often, it was a solid mass of people moving from one floor to the next.

More importantly, Salesforce went above and beyond the parameters of business with Dreamforce, they truly engaged the community. One million meals were donated to kids in need; on top of the $8 million dollars donated to UCSF. An entire day was devoted to the issue of workplace equality with powerful, diverse and influential women who will without doubt inspire people, both men and women to change the industry and become more inclusive.

“Inspiration, imagination, innovation” these are the values Salesforce have pinned to Dreamforce and this message will resonate much further than the Golden Gate.

Until next time Dreamforce..