I figure I’ve attended in the neighborhood of 20 conferences in five countries in the last few years. They’ve ranged in size from dozens at a smaller stop on Bill Boorman’s TRU Unconference roadshow, to just over 20,000 at last year’s Websummit in Dublin. I think I could add up the attendance of all those conferences and they still wouldn’t equal Dreamforce’s 150,000 plus attendees.

With the exception of TRU, and SHRM national, I’ve manned booths at all of them. Inevitably, after the initial wave of expo hall explorers, there is a lot of standing around while non-exhibitors attend sessions and keynotes or sleep off the previous night’s festivities. There always ends up being lots of downtime spent playing catch with mini footballs with your new friends from the booth across the aisle. Typically by the third day you spend large amounts of time walking around the expo floor collecting t-shirts, mints and water bottles from fellow exhibitors. No one wants to pack up their own leftover SWAG.

Well, Dreamforce is a far from this. With so many people in attendance, there’s a constant flow through the expo hall (halls in the case of Dreamforce). In my four or so hours at the TalentObjects booth every day, there hasn’t been a single minute when the booth lacked at least one visitor. Our selfie sticks and sunglasses are a big hit. We even ran out of literature. Yes, literature. I don’t think that has happened in the history of my conference going.

This is a great thing for recently launched product like TalentObjects. If you looked at title of the attendees going in, you’d probably think this wasn’t an ideal conference for us to drive new business just based on that. However, even though there didn’t seem to be that many HR and Talent folks in attendance, lots of Hiring Managers and Salesforce Admins were. We heard many times from visitors that their HR department had specifically asked them to try to find a Talent Management solution for Salesforce. Score for us!

Given that TO is the only natively built Talent solution for the Salesforce App Cloud, Hiring Managers are more likely to touch Salesforce than HR. They love the idea of a familiar interface and journey. Salesforce Admins are always looking for ways to drive adoption through their organization. By next year when our full end-to-end, sourcing to exit solution is available, Admins will have a way to up their organization usage with a single application. Score for them!

Eventually, attendees will start making their way to airport and the locals and tourists will have their city back.

Eventually, the number of people stopping by our booth will dwindle.

So far, this hasn’t happened. We’ll see how the last day goes.