This may be a crazy idea, but stay with me.

Companies are always looking for ways to attract and woo top job candidates. They do their best to win them over touting perks like free breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, etc. Things like massages, frequent happy hours and kegerators are becoming standard to attract job seekers. Companies try hard to tempt top talent with lots of stuff to show how awesome the company is and how much the candidate would enjoy working there. Of course, company culture plays a big part and companies are desperate to stand out in a crowded candidate controlled market.



Cost of hiring figures vary, but they typically run in the thousands, and grow exponentially as the job level goes up. Obviously, more senior equals more expensive. Problem is, you can only give candidates a brief look behind the company curtain. Generally, companies are limited to

interviews and perhaps a company happy hour to pique candidate interest.

So here’s the thought. What better way to show candidates how your company rolls than to allow them to tag along with your team to Dreamforce? Imagine how impressed they’d be by getting a trip to San Francisco, staying in a nice hotel (book ahead of time or the cost will be hard to justify unless you’re looking for a new CEO), attending sessions (talk about promoting L & D!), getting into private parties, and seeing acts like Stevie Wonder,  The Foo Fighters and MC Hammer. You’d get four days worth of opportunity to show them all about your company culture, how fun your team is, and how much pull you have by getting into parties with open bars and all the chicken on a stick they can eat.

I know, Dreamforce is only once a year and it would be tricky to line up the timing. I know, the job level would need to be fairly senior to justify the cost added to whatever recruitment budget was spent getting the candidate far enough into the hiring process to make sense to invite them. I know, it might be a risk exposing candidates to Bob in sales who tends to talk about the ghosts in the closet after spending some time around an open bar. But imagine how much an invite to Dreamforce could help your company would stand out in a crowded market.

Dreamforce 2016 is October 4-7th. Start making plans now.