To say people are kinda fanatical about Dreamforce is like saying Donald Trump kinda likes money. Obviously, it’s a huge understatement.

Companies spend thousands, if not millions (yes, millions) sending their best and brightest to network, learn and spread the good word about their services. Attendees wear their company’s colors and logos with pride and gush with enthusiasm about how their company is going to revolutionize this, or how they’ve reinvented that. All with the help of Salesforce, of course. (We’re no exception at TalenObjects, by the way)

It struck me while I was making the rounds through the Development Zone that there is a large collection of very smart people contained within the walls of this big convention hall. I instantly thought, “man, would my recruiting friends have a field day in here”. All these purple squirrels and unicorns in one place. It would be like their birthday, Halloween and Christmas all rolled into one event.

Just think. Recruiters could fill some of their hardest reqs to close (good sales people and developers) just by tagging along with their company. A few thousand extra dollars could yield huge results with a little effort. Of course, there are more than just sales people and developers in attendance.

There are also a large amount of support staff and Salesforce admins here too. It seems that as Salesforce rapidly becomes the rising star in business platforms, companies are hiring more support staff to handle the lift as Salesforce and the multitude of apps available in the App Exchange take over all aspects of business process. Again, all these people filling these roles all in place.

One of the biggest buzz terms in the world of recruitment for some time now has been Brand Ambassadors. As companies search endlessly to hire and then nurture employees to be tireless advocates for their companies, what better place to find those people than a conference of 150,000+ people doing just that? Being Brand Ambassadors.