So…what impact will this partnership between Lumesse and Salesforce have on the HR sector and Human Capital Management (HCM) in general? At first blush, the answer might not be completely obvious. HR professionals will still be tasked to recruit talent, develop high potential employees, reward high achievers, plan for succession and do all the things that talent-centric organizations do.

Business as usual.

But on deeper examination, we begin to understand what cultural and behavioral changes Salesforce brought to the enterprise over the last decade or so and we get a glimpse into what is possible for HR as well.

For context, just look at other business functions. The Salesforce platform initially redefined how companies could forecast and manage orders, enabling more agile sales operations processes. The marketing discipline and community has embraced the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to more precisely deliver 1:1 experiences between brands and individuals from the earliest stages of a sales journey. Call centers have migrated to more “real time” adjustments of staffing based on better insights into upstream activities and historical data that highlight peak periods of need.

By contrast, HR has not had the opportunity to fully exploit the platform and has continued to run their processes in a more traditional way. That can all change now.

The Salesforce1 platform brings with it mobile and social capabilities that enable developers to create mobile and social applications from the outset. It is a highly collaborative environment that fuels data-driven interactions between users. And importantly, it enables organizations to create communities around roles, topics, or other variables.

These are tools, capabilities and techniques that would allow any HR function to transition from reactive to proactive, transactional to interactive and siloed to social. The trick is taking all this capability and putting it into a context where it is applied specifically to challenges in the HR process.

That is our job.

Simply by default, by building on their platform we will create a very new and engaging series of solutions that are geared for today’s changing and evolving HR landscape. By combining Salesforce’s cloud and analytics expertise with Lumesse’s domain expertise, we will leverage the different components Salesforce has collected, restructured and rebuilt the last number of years and apply them in the context of HCM. And what that means to the business is the ability to rethink and transform a role that has traditionally been a reactive participant in the business into a data-driven decision partner at the management table.

And if for no other reason, that is why the Lumesse and Salesforce partnership is worth HR Professionals and Hiring Managers looking into.

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